HR Consulting

Let us help you enhance the value of your oranization's human capital. We can provide knowledgeable assistance to your human resources in a variety of areas.


Benefit Controls Companies is committed to being a leading U.S. Employee Benefits Consulting Group for our clients.  Through our continued client partnerships, we also recognize that employee benefits are only one part of the overall areas of responsibility for human resources.  The chart below outlines some of the key focus areas for human resources. 

These areas can have a direct impact on the overall attraction, retention, and satisfaction of employees within an organization, and ultimately the success of the company.

Through this partnership approach with clients, we understand their needs to enhance their human resource practices.  As a result, we developed an innovative service called HR Resources. 

 In addition to the day-to-day support of employee benefit plans and other benefit-related services provided by Benefit Controls Companies, HR Resources can provide this same level of service in one or all of the following three key areas, based on the client’s individual needs, focusing on:

  • Compliance
  • Performance Integration
  • Reviews and Evaluations


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