Our clients agree that the benefits of prevention stretch beyond lower health care costs to include lower absenteeism, increased productivity, and greater employee satisfaction.

Corporate Wellness

 High quality employee health insurance is a tool to attract and retain your best employees, but with rising healthcare costs and overutilization, employers are now feeling the burden that this cost has on their bottom line. One of the most popular strategies to defend the bottom line has been to shift costs to the employees in the form of higher premium contributions or higher first-dollar costs in the form of higher deductibles.

However, this strategy has limits, as higher contributions are counterproductive for recruitment and retention, and also haven’t done anything to address the underlying cause of the cost increases.

Therefore, the last frontier to address health costs is to actually manage existing conditions while preventing those conditions that haven’t developed. The only way to accomplish this is to help your employees adopt healthier lifestyles and reduce the risks for chronic diseases.

The underlying foundation of our programs is that the conditions leading to increased healthcare utilization and expenditures is that 75% of these costs are preventable through lifestyle modification.  Out philospohy is simple:


We aim to move your employee health risks down the channel, thus saving costs related to preventable health conditions. Utilizing ongoing disease management, diet, exercise, and smoking-cessation initiatives, and drug compliancy measures through strategic planning, we want to aid your business efforts. 

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