HR Consulting

Let us help you enhance the value of your oranization's human capital. We can provide knowledgeable assistance to your human resources in a variety of areas.

Management Hotline

HR Resources is available to provide management hotline support in dealing with issues relating to human resources and employee relations.  Information and any materials provided under this service are based on professional experience and knowledge in the field of human resources and should not to be considered legal advice.  Samples of inquiries included, but are not limited to:

Employment-Related Inquires:

  • Family & Medical Leave Act, as amended
  • Americans With Disabilities Act, as amended
  • Equal Employment / Affirmative Action
  • Immigration (Form I-9) requirements
  • Wage & Hour Issues (Department of Labor)
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (Minimum Wage & Overtime)
  • OSHA – reporting & dealing with Workers’ Compensation
  • Drug-free Workplace Policies
  • Smoke-free Workplace Policies
  • Miscellaneous employment-related Policies
  • Layoffs, Reorganizations, and Reductions

Employee Relations Inquires – include but not limited to:

  • Recruitment – networking & resources (new hires)
  • Background verification options (steps and requirements)
  • Terminations – steps for dealing with voluntary & involuntary terms
  • Compensation – Executive, staff, production (market pricing)
  • Discrimination & Harassment (including sexual harassment)
  • Employee Disciplinary Actions – steps and options
  • Employee Communications – drafting & reviewing
  • Employee Engagement/Satisfaction (surveys)
  • Performance ManagementManagement
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