Employee Benefits

Benefit Controls Companies is a leading U.S. Benefits Consulting Group specializing in obtaining the best value available in employee benefits.

Strategy and Design

We work with our clients to make employee benefits management a 3-5 year strategic initiative. By defining objectives and developing an action plan to meet those objectives, we ensure an organized, complete approach to fulfilling your benefits needs.

Our typical consulting approach:

Identification of Objectives

  • Review corporate benefit objectives
  • Understand corporate culture
  • Review current cost sharing levels between employer and employee
  • Understand how the benefit budget compares to the overall budget
  • Measure current employee appreciation and understanding of benefit programs

Review of Existing Benefits

  • Conduct market comparison of rates vs. benefits
  • Assess current vendor services
  • Review all plan documents, such as summary plan documents, contracts, administrative agreements, amendments, eligibility policies, reinsurance policies, etc.
  • Review current utilization patterns including those for chronic disease, ER usage, primary care vs. specialist utilization, hospitalization, and diagnostic procedures

Start Strategic Planning Process

  • Create a three year plan of initiatives and goals
  • Incorporate Member Health Management and Consumerism into plan
  • Involve upper management in the process as appropriate
  • Involve all employees in a common goal of maintaining affordable benefits that meet employee needs
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